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Sergio Gomba, vine grower in Barolo for 25 years

The love for the vineyard of Sergio Gomba described, with his usual skill, from the pen of Bruno Murialdo. To read the full article clik here “Sergio Gomba vignaiolo da 25 anni a Barolo”

But Sergio has accustomed us to sudden “plot twists” and in a few days the numbers written in the magazine are changed. Five new hectares of Nebbiolo da Barolo vineyards, part bought and part rented with a 15 years agreement, have brought to 19 the hectares of Nebbiolo da Barolo at disposal of the Cascina Boschetti winery. The new vineyards are in Monforte, another famous Barolo production area. We think this is absolutely amazing, fantastic. A vine grower that really believe in his job, in his “mission”, can’t avoid to invest all his efforts in his beloved land. Sometime taking risks, as in a challenge, a bet. Thank you Sergio. Your challange will be the one of all your collaborators.

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