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The Vineyard

  • Location: Novello (Cuneo-Piedmont)

  • Position:  altitude of 300 m. facing south-west

  • Soil: clayey and calcareous with several layers of sand

The Vine

  • Grape variety: Dolcetto 100%. Manual harvesting with selection of the bunches

  • Potatura: Guyot

  • Density: 4.400 vines per hectare

The Vintage 2017

The 2017 vintage will be remembered for its hot climate, and in particular low rainfall. winter was mild, with only a few snowfalls, while spring was marked by some rain and above-average temperatures for the season. Towards the end of April, the sharp drop in temperatures recorded - especially overnight - throughout Italy caused some frost damage, though in the Langhe only the bottoms of the valleys and cooler slopes were affected. May saw the beginning of a long period of fine weather. The maximum temperatures recorded during the summer months were above average but the nights were cooler

than in other hot years. Between the end of August and the beginning of September, eagerly-awaited rain helped to accumulate 25 mm of water, which partially rebalanced the water supply. Starting from the first week in September, temperatures dropped appreciably and growing patterns were nearer seasonal averages, with considerable differences between day and night temperatures.

Harvest: from August 24th untill September 4th.

The Wine

  • Vinification: soft destemming and crushing,  maceration on skins for 5-6 days during temperature controlled fermentation; refinement  in stainless steel tanks till bottling. Short refinement in the bottle before selling

  • Color: ruby red with caracteristic purple hints

  • Bouquet: Intense and vinous with almond notes

  • Flavor: dry taste, with moderate acidity, slightly almond


Serve at a temperature of 16-18 °C. in tulip glasses.

Food pairing

Agnolotti with delicate sauces, salami, white meats and soft or semi-hard cheese.


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